The Town Park is now open was it worth the wait and cost?
3rd November 2011
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I can remember my daughter, Louise, entering a competition with some of her class mates to design the ‘new’ Town Park, she was 7 or 8 at the time and is now 22! It seems hard to believe what is actually a fairly modest piece of town planning/regeneration can have taken so long, the city centre of Manchester was totally re-developed in far less time following the IRA bombing in 1996!

However, after all that time in the debate/planning stage the park is now open and the question must be has it been worth the wait? I have to say that personally I was always of the opinion that with Howard Davies Park, Parade Gardens and the Peoples Park and various town beaches we did not actually NEED another park. Nice to have, yes but essential, no and in these days where States spending is under pressure as never before the £10m cost and ongoing upkeep costs could be best spent in other ways.

Having taken a walk around the park on Tuesday I must admit that it looks pretty good, even though the overall area does not look as big as I thought it would do, also as it was a nice day there were quite a few people wandering around or sitting on benches chatting or having lunch. Interestingly there were also three skateboarders zipping around the granite steps at the entrance doing jumps and other manoeuvres without any apparent concern for the other people using that space.

I think we will need to wait to see how the usage of the park develops and whether this turns out to be a good investment or not.

What do you think of the Park, good way to spend our money or not?


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