The Tennerfest is back for 2012 , will you be trying out some new restaurants?
2nd October 2012
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It is hard to believe that this will be the 15th consecutive year for the Tennerfest in Jersey. From the 1st October to 11th November, those of us who like a to feel we are getting good value for our money can look forward to 6 weeks of great meals at fixed prices. Across the island over 100 restaurants are taking part, which should mean that diners can once again find some outstanding menus and meals created from the wealth of good food available in the island. However it is to be expected that some will be better than others. Tennerfest continues to be a promotion that encourages local restaurants to create a special, all-inclusive menu that provides the diner with more at a fixed amount. While the original Tennerfest was just that we now find very few £10 menus many more are £12.50, £15.00 or £17.50 options, which can still represent good value. Now I am asking for your help as, with so many options available, it can be difficult to find the best meals/prices. What I am hoping is that if you have a really good meal during the Tennerfest and would like to share your experience and will drop me an email at so that I can let others benefit from your experience. Also if you are disappointed with a meal please let us know why. Happy eating!
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