The switchover to digital TV happens in Jersey in November. Are you ready?
22nd May 2010
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10 Simple facts on going digital:
1) It will happen in November 2010
2) Almost any TV can be converted with the addition of a digital box
3) You can opt for either a one off payment to buy a digital box that will pick up various free channels or you can subscribe to SkyTV or Newtel Cable and pay monthly
4) If you have a TV that receives more than the standard 4 TV channels they are already digital, however any TV that only receives the standard channels will need to be converted
5) Videos and DVD recorders will still play back and record.
6) Most aerials will continue to work after switchover
7) No one from Digital UK will call at your house. Verify the identity of anyone who calls, uninvited, to discuss the changeover. Don’t make any hasty decisions on buy new TV’s, services or equipment.
8) At switchover viewers will receive around 20 Freeview channels
9) There is a Switchover help scheme available to those needing extra assistance to switch to digital
10) For more information click who are working with both Jersey and Guernsey to implement the switchover.

Finally if the World Cup or the Digital Switchover are making you think about buying a new TV why not check out the great range of TV’s at FotoSound, the prices are attractive and they really know what they are talking about so you can be sure of expert advice.


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