The power of Social Networks
13th October 2010
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Social Networks have now evolved to the point where they have the power to influence major brands to change corporate initiatives that will have cost, potentially, huge amounts of money to launch.

A classic example is GAP where their new logo has just been scrapped after only one week following more than 2,000 negative comments that the company received via their Facebook page.

Can you imagine the subsequent meeting between GAP and the trendy Advertising Agency that convinced them to invest whatever it took to create and launch the new logo? Obviously one of the arguments that would have been employed in the decision making process was that by adopting a new logo GAP would invigorate their brand and attract more customers.

Well Social Networks killed off that idea pretty quickly!

There would appear to be a number of clear messages here:

1) Social Networks are giving the customer the opportunity to influence the decision making process of major brands.

2) Individuals need to recognise their new found power to actually influence a business via their Social Media feedback. If you have a problem with some aspect of the business tell them, others may agree with you. If you have some reason to complement a business tell them, others may also agree with you.

3) Businesses also need to recognise the power of Social Media, they need to take the opportunity to engage with their customers and demonstrate that their feed back is both appreciated and considered.

4) Those businesses that ignore Social Networks are missing the opportunity to connect with their customers and react quickly and effectively to their comments.

5) Effective use of Social Networks can give a business a competitive edge over their competitors who do not make effective use of Social Media.

How do you feel Jersey businesses are adapting to the new Social Media work, are they locked in a time warp and do not even have a web presence or are they embracing Social Media by using Facebook and Twitter effectively? Do you use Social Media to comment on your experiences with local businesses? Please let us know.

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