The Plemont Holiday Village is becoming an increasing eyesore
25th October 2009
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While we live quite close to Plemont it has been a while since we took a close look at the condition of the old Holiday Village, following a quick trip up there today I have to say that it is looking worse than ever. Most of the windows have now been boarded up with plywood sheets and in places the some of the walkway cladding has been lost. Overall it is even more of an eyesore that used to be the case, we walked to Grosnez and even from there the condition of the Holiday Village is clear to see.

While personally I would love to see the site returned to nature the economics do not seem to me to suggest that this will ever happen, where is the money to come from. If this is the situation then surely the second best option is for Planning to agree with the site owners on a development plan that will return at least a portion of the site to nature and for the development to be built so that it has minimal impact on the skyline and does not result in too great an increase in traffic.

Please let’s reach a conclusion one way or the other so that we can remove this blot on the landscape!





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