The hangover (cure) from hell!!
14th August 2014
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If the ‘quick one after work’ goes on a bit longer than you’d intended and you end up suffering from nausea, mental and physical slowness you can’t decide what it is that will cure you.

A bacon sandwich?


Am I even hungry?!

Umm how about greasy chips and deep fried chicken?


Well, my friend, you and your hangover have our sympathy and there’s a pub that believes it has the perfect cure…

Unfortunately for Jersey drinkers, it’s  Sobelman's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee in the good old US ofA so it’s not very convenient but they’ll serve you up a whole fried chicken dipped in a Bloody Mary cocktail!

Whether or not this “Chicken Fried Bloody Beast” will cure your hangover, or just make it a million times worse, it’ll would you back a whopping  $50 (or nearly £30)!

 So, if you have any money left in your wallet from the night before and have a sturdy stomach, you can tuck into the famous vodka and tomato juice cocktail, complete with sausages, pickles, shrimp, sprouts, and don't forget that four-pound whole chicken garnish.

Mmmm delicious…

If that doesn’t take your fancy, how about “The Bloody Masterpiece”; the same Bloody Mary cocktail but with a whole cheeseburger on top?!

Click here to Have a look for yourself , if you can stomach it…

Have a good weekend and if you know of a better hang over cure let us know!!


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