Switchover to Digital - Now set for November 2010
16th January 2010
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Well the good news is, or at least as I understand the position we don’t need to buy a new TV to watch digital television BUT you will need a set-top-box. This could come in the form of a Freeview box (connected to a television aerial), a satellite box (Freesat or Sky connected to a satellite dish) or a cable box connected to a cable from Newtel (only a few areas of St Helier, Jersey).

To continue watching TV via an aerial in Jersey after switchover, viewers will need to convert their television using a digital box or make sure they have an integrated digital set.

Subscription and non-subscription digital TV services are also available via satellite (Sky and freesat) and cable (Newtel).

One of the obvious benefits of going digital is the increase in the number of channels which can be recieved. After switchover, virtually all Channel Islands households will receive approximately 20 of the most watched Freeview channels and text services.

Looking at costs, well a Freeview box is currently available in Jersey for around £30 and a Freesat box can be brought for around £50. However you may need a new aerial to receive Freeview if you are in a poor reception area or a dish to receive Freesat.

One question which I have is that in my house we have a number of TV's that use set top aerials, these have worked perfectly well until now but I am not sure if I will have to get these sets all conneted to a 'proper' aerial. Which brings me to the next question, we have an aerial in our loft that we use to receive the signal for the main TV in the lounge, will that work for digital? I don't know.

I am sure that many other people will also have similar questions, so I see if I can find someone locally who has the knowledge to answer these questions and maybe give us some more information on the things we should be thinking about in the coming months.


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