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21st December 2009
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The Christmas period offers us all the opportunity to think about how we dispose of all the 'rubbish' that is generated as a result. I hope that everyone will make a resolution now to recycle where possible.

Some recycling opportunities that I can think of inclued:

• You may well have received new clothes for Christmas, why not package up some of your older clothes that you do not wear, but which are in reasonable condition and donate them to the Salvation Army, they have clothes bins in many locations around the island and at the island recycling centre in Bellozanne valley.
• If you have some clothes that are in excellent condition you no longer wear why not donate them to a local Charity Shop, they will be pleased with the donation and you will help raise funds for a worthy cause.
• If your children have old toys that have been replaced by new Christmas presents why not donate them to a Charity Shop so that others may also enjoy them.
• Have you ended up with lots of cardboard from Christmas presents? Don’t throw it in the bin, take it to Bellozanne so that it can be recycled.
• Had a party at home? Don't forgat that all glass and cans can be recycled at many sites around the island.

Christmas Trees

When Christmas is over and the time comes to dispose of your Christmas tree why not arrange for collection by Jersey Hospice who will dispose of the tree in an environmentally friendly manner in exchange for a donation. Full details on:

General Recycling information

For more information on the recycling options which are available in Jersey the States website provides full details

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