21st January 2015
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You're procrastinating.....right now, probably. 

Me too, I started the day with a worthy goal. A proper plan. I was going to spend the whole day working ON my business. No distractions, diary clear, critical stuff done!

But there's a problem, a big problem......In my head. 

My lizard brain, my 'inner head trash'. Procrastination kicks in, I find ridiculous things to do in order to avoid tackling the big things. 

30 minutes clearing emails. My desk is tidied. A sneaky check on the BBC News site. I've even been on Facebook. I lapse into £10 an hour jobs. Doing the simple things is so much easier than doing something that could make a real and positive difference to your business.

Procrastination really is the disease of the poor. 

It's as if I'm subconsciously avoiding the big stuff, the stuff that makes a difference. The stuff that secures the future and moves me - and the business - towards my goals. 

FACT: It's not just me, it's you too. In this regard at least, I'm normal. 

How do you know if something counts as 'big stuff'?  Precisely because your inner head trash resists it, it's like a compass. "I'm avoiding doing this. Must mean it's a good idea and exactly what I should be doing." 

So many businesses are stuck at their current level not because of any real tangible obstacles or barriers but simply because of procrastination. It's a cancer. It eats away at our productivity every single day. 

Sucking you away from the big stuff. The things that make a difference. The things that secure the future, the things that move you - and your business - towards your goals. 

Your job this week is to lance it. 

To knock that procrastination out in the same emphatic way that Andy Murray made short work of local hope Marinko Matosevic at the Australian Open Tennis earlier today.

Unlike Murray, you'll then have to do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next... Because procrastination is never cured. It's like asthma. You can control it - but it will always be with you. 

Procrastination is a condition. We all have it -it impacts us all. See, you are normal too. 

But your job is to fight it with every sinew. Fight to spend productive time on things that make a difference. The things that secure the future, the things that move you - and your business - towards your goals. 

Procrastination. I will not let it win. Neither must you... 

Have a good 2015 and don’t let procrastination hold back the growth of your business.


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