Plemont – returning to nature??
12th October 2012
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The future of Plemont has been up in the air for years and still we do not have a final conclusion, although it does appear that the end is now in sight, one way or the other.

I have always been against the States getting involved in this, we are in a difficult financial position and it is not so long ago that they had to put up GST to help make ends meet. This project is not critical to the island, if, as in days gone by the States had a huge budget surplus then I can think of many worse things to spend on, however we are not in that position and buying Plemont is a luxury that we cannot afford. I appreciate that the National Trust for Jersey are raising funds and would buy the land off the States for £2m but as I understand it any difference between what the States have to pay and the £2m would be a cost to the taxpayer.

I am pleased that at least one States Member, Deputy Baudains, has highlighted the risks attached to the proposed open ended commitment from the States.

In my view the development as currently envisaged is a reasonable compromise between the owner making a reasonable return on his investment and the island as the development will be low lying and will not be visible on the cliff top, also a substantial amount of land will return to nature.

I would be interested in your views.

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