New year - new you?
31st December 2009
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So, how do you keep that New Year's resoution once the excitement of New Year's eve has passed and you are confonted with the many obstacles that stand between you and your objective? Well I asked Bryce Allford for his suggestions, Bryce is a local life coach who has much experince in helping people achieve their goals.

Bryce''s view is that if you want keep your New Year resolutions that you need to adopt the approach of 'What gets measured, gets done'. Bryce comments as follows:

Why is it that so many of the great plans and goals and dreams and resolutions we make each January come crashing down around our ears by the end of February?

Some of us have experienced this so often that we've learned to give up, thinking "if I don't make any resolutions, I won't have to feel bad about breaking them; if I don't set any goals, I don't have to feel bad about not reaching them". And yet there seems to be something deeper as well - a genuine urge to do what we know will make us happier, healthier, and more successful.

So why do we fail? Well, I have a theory about that...
The reason we fail is because we don't keep score until it's too late.
The fact is, if you don't keep score as you go, you don't have any yardstick against which to gauge your performance. If you don't have a gauge, you don't have any way of knowing when it's time to change your strategy and do something different.

Here is a simple success formula:
1. Know your outcome (goal)
2. Notice where you are in relation to your goal
3. Adjust your behaviour accordingly
It is in step 2, being able to determine at any time whether you are on track to reaching your goals, that creating a useful "yardstick" for success becomes so useful.
This week, experiment with creating a yardstick by which you can measure your own ongoing progress in pursuit of one of your goals. Here's how you do it....
What are the key stepping stones on the way to your goal?
These can take the form of "mini-goals" , or specific action steps (drinking 8 glasses of water a day, take 10,000 brisk walking steps, have breakfast everyday, if your goal is weightloss ).

Lastly, but by no means least, create a chart, journal, or computer file in which to track your progress. Even if you never show your "yardstick" to anybody else, you will benefit by tracking it clearly enought that someone else could do the tracking for you.

Have fun and start keeping score before it's too late!  

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