Making the most of special offers and promotions
4th November 2009
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If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you KNOW that special offers and promotions work. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be in business to know that.

I thought that with the Christmas coming, which is the most important time of the year for many businesses, that I would jot down some thoughts on some of the different types of offers and promotions are available to help you boost your business, I hope that you will find this is to be one of those posts you will want to print out and keep on your desk whenever you need more special offer ideas.

So, here are 15 ideas to get you started in creating your special offers and please don’t forget that if you are a client ‘thebestofjersey' can help you promote your offer on our Offers page, please note that the offer does not need to be exclusive to us. The key principle to any offer is to give your customers/clients a benefit for taking action now.

What can they get right now which they don’t normally receive at your business?

Remember, it is never about you. It is about your customers/clients. Everyone is motivated by the same question, “What’s in it for me?”

The information that follows is the summary of a more detailed overview that includes examples of how each of these offer types could be exploited. If you would like a copy of the un-edited version please e-mail and I would be happy to send you a copy.

Offer 1 – Free Giveaways
FREE is one of the most powerful words in marketing. It makes people’s ears stand at attention. When someone gives a gift, the receiver feels the need to give back to the giver. It’s hard-wired into our system.

Offer 2 – Sales
This is the “normal” offer for most businesses. You place items on sale or run your 30% off New Year sale. The sale has become the normal way of buying for retail businesses.

Offer 3 – Private Sales
This is a variation on the sale, but it is only offered to a specific segment of customers. It takes the “exclusivity” motivator into account.

Offer 4 – Free Trials
Make the purchase risk free for the customer. "If you decide it isn’t for you, you don’t owe a penny". There’s no obligation to purchase.

Offer 5 – Two For One
 In retail it is simply buy this product, get one free. In other applications it can be used to double your customer base.

Offer 6 – Better Terms
We’ve been trained to think in terms of monthly payments. In many cases, people don’t even think in overall price anymore. They simply think about the low monthly payments and how much they can afford.

Offer 7 – Bonuses
Make an offer with special bonuses.

Offer 8 – Package Deals
This is related to the free bonus but comes at it from a different direction. The make-up counter may put together a package with all different items in it for a discount price. You get A, B, and C for only £50 instead of the individual total price of £75.

Offer 9 – Continuity Programs
Too many companies allow their business to be based off one-time sales. Look carefully at whatever you offer and figure out a way to build a continuity plan.

Offer 10 – Guarantees
You should find ways to build guarantees into every offer you make. The more risk-free you make your offer for your prospects, the easier it is to generate new business.

Offer 11 – Contests
Your offer could be based off a contest. Since you don’t want to be involved in running a lottery, this should be used on your free offers (consult with a lawyer for the legalities for contests).

Offer 12 – Charity
You could run an offer based on giving to charity.

Offer 13 – Events
Hold a special event as your offer.

Offer 14 – Limited Availability
The big offer you make may simply be how limited in availability something is. It’s built into our natures to want what we can’t have.

Offer 15 – Free or Low Cost Information Product
This is one of my favourite offers for lead generation in service businesses of any type. You create a report, CD, or DVD on a subject of interest to your target market. Your goal is to brand yourself as the expert on your market. It also puts you in an entirely different light from all your competitors. They’re simply out there trying to get money from the prospects, but you’re educating them. You’re helping them. You’re taking the role of an advisor instead of a salesperson.


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