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8th January 2012
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The festive season is over, the decorations should have come down and it’s wet, wet, wet, what better way to avoid getting depressed than to grab a bargain or two at the sales.


As an aside, on the subject of the weather, I visited Queen’s Valley reservoir at the end of November when drought warnings were in force and upper half of the reservoir was bone dry, this weekend after a month of more or less continual rain the upper reservoir is totally full and water is pouring over the top of the dam into the lower section of the reservoir. Amazing what a difference a month can make.


Now back to the theme for this post. These are difficult times for retailers across the UK and as the local media keep telling us St.Helier retailers are also suffering. The fact that many shops were discounting items or running sales before Christmas is a clear sign that times are tough. 

The message from local media is that it is almost our patriotic duty to shop harder to help keep local retailers afloat. Personally, even though I constantly promote the message that we should always try and shop locally, I think this is a silly idea. Times are not only tough for retailers they are also tough on personal budgets, we have the highest level of un-employment ever recorded, even for those in employment many are not getting any pay increases and the threat to the Fulfilment Industry means that many more jobs could be lost in 2012.

Not a pretty picture. 

Which brings me to the point of this post, while we are all tempted by a bargain, please think carefully before you buy. There is no point in buying stuff just because it is cheap. Some suggestions for how to spend you precious money in the most effective manner during the Sales:

·         If you don’t really need it don’t buy it.

·         Don’t spend on Credit Cards unless you can pay off the balance within a month or two.

·         Don’t buy it unless you love it, if the item is not exactly what you want the chances are you will never be entirely happy with it.

·         Please do shop locally were ever possible. Why not make a pledge to abstain from buying over the internet for the next three month’s, you will feel better for it!

·         Think of gifts and presents that you will need to buy in the coming year, now could be a good time to snap up a bargain that you can put on one side until needed.

·         Buy Christmas decorations and Christmas gift wrap now, often at half the price you will pay if you buy in Nov/Dec 2012.

If you have any thoughts on how to get the best from the sales or have come across any amazing bargains please let me know.

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