It's all change for Jersey's lifeguard arrangements in 2011
8th May 2011
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From the end of May the RNLI will assume the responsibility for the Jersey lifeguards. At the time this was decided by The States, as cost saving measure, many local people were un-happy as the previous arrangements that had worked so well for many years and there were doubts that the new ‘cheaper’ service would be as effective as in the past.

However, there is no doubt that the RNLI have the necessary track record as they provide lifeguard services to over 160 beaches in the UK including many of Cornwall’s surfing beaches. They have also assured us that all the lifeguards they employ will be fully qualified and we are told that many of the lifeguards employed in Jersey will have previous experience of lifeguarding in Jersey.

The overall service should not be an issue as the RNLI are providing cover for the same time period over the summer, covering the same beaches and using a similar number of lifeguards.

So it would appear that this particular piece of cost savings provides a good deal both for The States (and us tax payers) and those who may, at some time, need the services of the lifeguards.

As the season progresses I would be interested in any feedback on how the new service is doing.

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