Is this the future of commuter motoring in Jersey?
5th August 2012
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Jersey must be the ideal location for the new breed of electric vehicles that are becoming available and which offer both a practical and attractive alternative to conventional combustion engine vehicles for those that do not need to travel extended distances.

In particular the new Renault Twizy provides what, I think, is an ideal option for those who need a vehicle for day to day travel to and from work each day, the Twizy will offer all the range that anyone can need in Jersey and for those that travel alone the extremely compact dimensions and two seats will be ideal.

Another attraction is the price, most electric vehicles are very expensive when compared with conventional cars, the Twizy however starts at just over £5,300, before delivery and GST, one of the reasons for this competitive price is that you only buy the car and rent the battery on a monthly basis.

OK, you do have to make some compromises, there are no side windows or heater, so in colder months you will need to wrap up, but no more that you would to be comfortable outside. In heavy rain the open side windows could also result in the need for a waterproof coat.

Also, I have to admit, that it looks unlike any other ‘car’ on the road, this will appeal to some, however I would not be at all surprised in in a couple of years the sight of a Twizy on the roads will be as common as Fiat 500’s.

If you are interested why give Phil Valois at Bagot Road a call (on 815124) to arrange a test drive and let me know what you think.



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