Is it worth buying an electric tooth brush?
16th March 2015
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The Benefits are well understood:

  • If you don’t brush their teeth twice a day, an electric toothbrush might be the answer to getting you motivated to up your dental hygiene game.
  • If having a gadget to do the work for you means you pick up a brush twice a day, buy the gadget! Your dental health is too important not to take advantage of all the available conveniences.
  • Electric toothbrush bristles are both soft and powerful and are more efficient at removing stains and plaque than brushing with a manual toothbrush.
  • Many of them have a 2 minute timer so you know you’re brushing long enough which many people currently don’t do.

Dental Hygienists Notice!

You can bet there’s a difference between patients who use electric toothbrushes and those that don’t.

Most dental hygienists suggest using electric toothbrushes for all of the benefits they see in patients.

Electric toothbrushes stimulate the gums, are more efficient at removing plaque because the bristles rotate left to right and up and down, and the help remove stains.

But What About the Cost?

The cost may be what is stopping you from purchasing an electric toothbrush.

What makes it a worthwhile investment?

Consider in the long run that if using an electric toothbrush means you’ll actually brush your teeth more often for the proper amount of time, you’re much less likely to get cavities and cavities are expense.

Don’t forget though, the initial cost of the toothbrush isn’t the final cost.

Just like a regular toothbrush, the heads need to be replaced every three months to ensure they are firm enough to effectively remove plaque and clean your mouth.

Basically the cost of an electric toothbrush is nothing compared to the potential health costs of an unhealthy mouth and problem teeth.

Overall, the benefits of an electric toothbrush far outweigh any negatives associated with cost.

Taking myself as an example, Dr Bob Pangali of @Smile Dental Clinic recommended that I switch to an electric tooth brush a few years ago and since then there has been a noticeable improvement in my dental heath to the extent that for my last 2 check ups  my teeth have need no work and minimal cleaning. I am sure that this is largely down to my use of an electric tooth brush.

Invest in your dental health!

For more information about @Smile Dental Clinic click here.

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