I am thinking of getting a new car and wonder if anyone with an Audi A1 can give me some feedback.
24th June 2012
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While Volvo may not be the most exciting of makes the old V40 still had the DNA of past Volvos as it was built to last, even after 80,000 hard miles and having lived outside for ten years there is no rust and the bodywork is in good shape, the seats and interior have also worn well so it will be quite a wrench to move onto a new car, but the time is right to do so.

The main reason we bought the Volvo was that it was an estate and we needed the space in the back because we had a dog and we needed a car with a bit a rear seat space as our daughter was only 12 and needed a ‘taxi’ with space for her and the occasional friend. Now we no longer have a dog (we lost poor old Max last year at the grand old age of 13) and our daughter is grown up and no longer needs us as a taxi service.

Accordingly we have decided that something a bit smaller would work well for us. We want to buy new (or nearly there to) have 5 doors and as I don’t want to spend a fortune my budget is up to £16,500. We want a car that drives well, has a bit of ‘go’ and will retain it’s value fairly well. We both would like a car with a high quality interior that is small enough to enjoy in Jersey but large enough to cope with occasional trips to France and the UK.

So far I have the Audi A1 Sportback on my shortlist and if you own an A1, or knows someone that does, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the car and also the service you are getting from Jacksons.

Also if you run a car that meets my ‘wants’ list that you would recommend I would be pleased to hear from you.

Please email me at jersey@thebestof.co.uk.

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