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20th June 2014
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Bob’s a robot security guard tasked with helping security officers to keep the G4S office safe and secure. 
Now before anyone moans that this is a step too far in terms of technology, listen to what a spokesman for G4S said about Bob: 
“Bob is not about replacing our security officers, Bob is a complementary activity." 
"He can pick up on some of the low level activities the guard does not necessarily need to be involved in." 
Bob’s not been created to take work away from the security officers, but to release some of the burden on them and allow them to focus on more important things. 
There’s a lesson in there somewhere… 
In business, we often end up doing things that aren’t really our job, simply because they need doing, and often because we don’t want to pay someone else to do them. 
But every time we do that, we’re limiting the time that we can spend on what we’re really good at. 
Essentially we’re trying to be a ‘jack of all trades’ when we’d be better off being a master of one.
When was the last time you explored outsourcing some of the tasks in your business?  Or looked into technological solutions that will save you time and energy? 
A good business owner knows how to delegate, knows when to outsource and knows how to adapt to an ever changing market. 
The example of Bob is a great one for all of us.  Bob has filled a need, leaving the security officers to get on with more important tasks.  
G4S’s willingness to embrace change means that they’re now more effective, and can work on being more profitable. 
Food for thought! 
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