Great way to spend a sunny day in Jersey – a visit to Durrell
11th July 2013
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We were a bit sad as we passed the bear's enclosure as it is currently empty following the deaths earlier this year of both Wolfgang & Barbara, when our children were small they used to love watching them. However the good news is that Durrell are due to get a new female bear later this year and a new male shortly after that so hopefully we may see some bear cubs in 2014.

Durrell was buzzing, while we were there, a number of school trips were visiting and a good few adults were also in the park. I have to say we were quite impressed with most of the uniformed kids that we came across, they were clearly enjoying a day out from school but were being well behaved and a real interest in some of the animals.

New since we last visited the park is a colourful Ice Cream outlet situated to the side of the main cafe. A bright idea as this will be very attractive to both children and adults visiting Durrell on a warm day.

Anyway after a coffee at the cafe we walked across to the Gorilla enclosure, lots of people around trying to spot Hlala Kahilli and her baby boy Indigo who was born last September. Dad, silverback Badongo, was very visible and he even spent a few minutes really close to a viewing window as if showing off to his adoring human 'fans', this was much appreciated by those who were lucky to be around at the time. Unfortunately during our visit there was no sign of mum and baby, we assumed they had found a nice shady spot out of view somewhere.

We had more luck over at the orang-utan enclosure as it was feeding time and all the family apart from Dana and her new baby, who was only born in June were out and waiting for their food. It was interesting to see how Durrell's dominant male orang-utan Dagu was the first to take his pick of the food before the rest of his family ventured to pick over the remains. It's clear who's boss in his family!

There are two new babies in Dagu's family and we were lucky to see Jantho (who was born in April) clinging to his mum, Anette, she would appear to like keeping him well above ground as all the time we were there she stayed on an elevated platform. But she was kind enough to show off her new offspring while moving around.

The lastest new arrival for Durrell's Jersey Sumatran orang-utan family is a new female baby that was born as recently as 10th June to mum Dana, currently mum and baby are resting indoors and she is keeping her infant safely in her arms so we popped into their 'house' to see if mum and baby were visible. We could see that they were in one of the high baskets as it was full of straw and we could just see the top of Dana's head. We assumed that that would be the most we would see, but before we left Dana decided to move to one of the lower 'nests' and we had a wonderful view of her tiny baby as she came down the rope to her new nest.

I should at this point mention that for the minimum donation of £1 Durrell supporter can enter a competition to name Dana's baby girl. Durrell staff will draw a short list by Wednesday 17th of July, and votes will be taken via Good luck! - See more at:  

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