Don’t forget to put your clocks back by one hour tonight.
24th October 2009
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While I am no fan of the Euro or the EU desire to create a ‘superstate’ I do like the continental approach to dealing with time. Most western European nations recognise the advantages and energy saving potential of maximising the daylight hours that people can enjoy. In winter they operate Central European Time which is one hour ahead of GMT and in summer they move to Central European Summer time which is two hours ahead of GMT. In practical terms this results in our French neighbours always having an hour extra daylight in the evenings compared to us.

In the winter most people appear to be of the opinion that they would rather see darker mornings and lighter evenings so that they could get home in daylight and in the spring and summer this provides more time for us to enjoy our gardens, a meal outside or just a stroll on the beach.

With such obvious advantages why don’t we move to the continental system, well the States actually looked at this recently and decided that Jersey could only change if the UK also changed, this is understandable in view of how both our business and social lives are connected with the UK. So, why not action on this from the UK? Difficult to say but probably down to it not being a pressing issue for government and it not being popular in Scotland, which is a key issue for the Labour party who have so many MP’s representing Scottish constituencies.

What do other people think, anyone in favour of staying with the current system?



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