Dogs (and dog mess)
24th February 2010
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We have a dog (a Westie, called Max) and as we live in St.Ouen’s we often take him down to the beach or sand dunes along the Five Mile road for his walk. We are responsible dog owners and always go equipped with our pooper scooper and bags (my wife has never been very keen on the hand inside the bag and grab the offending item approach) and clean up after him.


However it never ceases to amaze me how many dog owners do not bother to clean up after their pets, on the sand dunes just opposite La Braye car park it is really bad, a veritable mine field of doggy doo just waiting for the unwary to step in. Why so bad here, well from my observation it is people who let their dogs out of the car to ‘self’ walk and do what comes naturally and then just drive off without a care in the world, shame on them!


And while we are on this subject, why do people go to the trouble of bagging up their dog’s poo and then leave the bag behind, we have seen this in lots of places around the island and cannot understand why this is, most popular areas for dog walking are well supplied with bins so why not dump the bag in the bin at the end of the walk? Beats me.


I know that this has been an ongoing issue for many years and every so often it raises its profile when someone writes into the JEP and we still seem to have the minority of owners who fail to act responsibly, maybe in the same way that you have to pass a test to be allowed to drive people should have to pass a ‘responsible owners’ test before being granted a dog licence (and one element of this would be around social responsibility and involve an undertaking to always pick up after their dog), sounds good but I guess it will not happen.


Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to tackle this problem??

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