Are you using Twitter to market your Jersey business?
11th August 2011
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How are you doing on Twitter, is everything going great, are getting lots of new followers, are you getting re-tweeted on a regular basis, are finding that you are receiving an increasing number of direct messages?  If not then you might want to change your approach to make them more likely to happen.

Some topics to think about:

1) Make an effort to engage with others. You are much more likely to get re-tweeted if you have build up connections naturally with other users through engagement and generally being friendly. Try and avoid making all your posts a plug for your business, many will find this a turn off.

2)  Make a point of re-tweeting others. It’s common sense really but if you re-tweet interesting stuff that other people post they are much more likely to return the compliment.

3) Be informative. Other people will re-tweet content that they feel is valuable to their followers because it relates to their business or interests, answers a specific problem or provides new knowledge. Make sure that this is the kind of content that you offer and it will get you noticed and re-tweeted.

4) Be interesting. Avoid bland uninteresting tweets, these will be of little interest to your followers. Express your opinions, stand out from the crowd and you are much more likely to get noticed.

5) Be careful with humour. Humour is popular, if you do it right it can win you friends and followers and lots of re-tweets. But beware what is funny to one person may be seen as offensive to another. So handle humour with care!

6) Try and be a bit different. If you offer an individual way of looking at life or look at things from a new perspective it’s the same as putting out novel content. You will get re-tweeted because people like new stuff!

Please let me know how you are using Twitter to build your business and if you have any tips or success stories that I could pass on.

Happy Tweeting!

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