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26th February 2013
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Welcome to my very first blog post on thebestof Jersey. There are sure to be many blog posts in the future, but for this one I am going to keep things short and simple as I would just like to introduce myself, say hello and write a little bit about what you might expect in the future.

My name is Stephen Le Quesne and as the title suggests I work in the area of wildlife conservation. I currently work as the Education Officer for The National Trust for Jersey, which is a great independent charity that works to preserve the Island’s natural environment and heritage.

If you have spotted me around the place, more often than not I will be with a group of children and/or families in woodlands, grasslands and beaches, acting as a guide for people to explore and enjoy our wonderful natural heritage. On here though I am not writing as an employee of the National Trust, but as me, a naturalist/conservationist/wildlife filmmaker, someone who is a real ‘Jersey Bean’.

At the age of 29 I am just starting out on my wildlife career but have already travelled far and wide to work on various scientific and conservation projects and I hope to use these experience to give you a different view of things on this blog. I am also working hard to develop my career and to be a part of many more in the future.

If there is one thing that I can be certain of is that I am very open, honest and eager to tell a good story. So, what can you expect from me in the future? To be honest I do not really know myself! It all depends on what happens with the weather, with me, with Jersey and the environment. I will make sure to provide information and secrets on where to go in the island and what to see as well as a few updates on what I am getting up to.

I look forward to seeing you again for my next post and feel free to make any comments below.

You can also follow me on Twitter @SLeQuesne

Take care,


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