A great way to show our support for the troops fighting in Afghanistan
14th November 2009
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I am sure that most people are saddened by the on-going reports of our soldiers being killed and severely injured while fighting in Afghanistan. Whatever you may think about the conflict itself I am sure that no one can deny the heroism and sacrifices that are being made by our troops in the service of their country. Many of those involved are young lads (and lasses) who are still in their teens, while their contemporaries are at University they are putting their lives on the line for their country.


Sadly we cannot reduce the death and injury amongst our armed forces but St.Clement’s Church have come up with an idea which allows the people of Jersey to do something to show our support and appreciation for them.  Through the B.F.P.O. scheme they can send parcels, free of charge, to Afghanistan, if they go to named soldiers.  To begin with they will be sent to named officers in the Grenadier Guards who will ensure fair distribution amongst their troops.  The Grenadier Guards suffered considerable deaths and injury in the police station shooting prior to Remembrance Sunday.   If you haven’t a box just donate in a bag, the Church will make up more boxes.


The soldiers are not short of food but being so far from home many things are difficult or impossible to buy.  The food sent will add variety and remind them of home.   There are often long periods of waiting and so some things to help pass the time would be appreciated.  Some soldiers receive very few parcels from home so simply the arrival of a parcel from Jersey perhaps with a note/ postcard sends a message of support and appreciation.  To avoid blocking Christmas post from their families we will be sending in December and in the months following, so a general card rather than a Christmas one makes sense.


Overall a splendid initiative which my family will support and which I hope many others will also.


More information on collection points and suggestions on items to include click:



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