30th December 2014
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What are the problems with e-cigarettes?

In their December newsletter HR Now considered the issues.

E-cigarettes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking and although they are likely to be safer there are a number of problems.


  • They are not yet licensed so their effectiveness, safety and quality is not assured
  • They can be marketed in ways that actually encourage smoking
  • The use of e-cigarettes in public places may make the act of smoking appear more socially acceptable
  • At the present time the harm from toxins in the e-cigarette vapour is still unknown.


E-cigarettes in the workplace – what should employers consider?


Whilst the legislation banning smoking in the workplace does not extend to e-cigarettes, employers need to consider what policies they should put in place. They should consider the impact of e-cigarettes on colleague relationships such as angering pregnant woman or those colleagues trying to give up smoking. For those employers who allow cigarette breaks, consideration may need to be given to smokers of e-cigarettes to stand in a different location to traditional cigarette smokers.


Employers may also want to consider whether the open use of e-cigarettes in the workplace is consistent with their professional or brand image.


What should you do?


In view of the lack of control and regulation that currently exists for the use of e-cigarettes best practice would be to adopt a cautious approach and treat the use of e-cigarettes exactly the same way as conventional cigarettes and place them under a no smoking policy, albeit with consideration for separate smoking areas.

For more information or to discuss the issues please contact HR Now:

Telephone: +441534 747559
mail: becky@hrnow.je
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