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Water safety tips fom Royal Lifesaving Society. Better safe than sorry.
It's that time of year again when we look back at what we've achieved (or not achieved) over the past year and start looking ahead to what we would like to achieve in 2014.
As a long time (30 years+) wearer of a moustache I am pleased to see that they are making a bit of a comeback, especially as gents are being encouraged to grow them for charity! November is ‘Mo’ month raising funds and awareness of prostate cancer. How many Jersey men can grow a decent moustache in a month?
Your eyesight is important, when did you last have a sight test? One of the objectives of National Eye Health Week is to raise awareness of the importance eye tests. Why not get your eye’s tested, make an appointment with your Jersey optician today.
Have you heard of Glaucoma but have little idea of what it actually is? The prime purpose of the week is to raise awareness as research shows that while over 90% of people have heard of Glaucoma only a third realize it is an eye disease and under 20% know that it can lead to Blindness.
While March may seem a long way off at the moment and undoubtedly most people are thinking more of the Christmas and New Year celebrations now is a good time to organise your team and book for the 2013 Swimarathon. What better way to raise funds for local charities, get fit and lose any of the excess pounds gained over the Festive Season?
I am no sports fan but I have loved watching a variety of sports on BBC (what a great job they have done!) that I had no knowledge of and previously no interest in, however the enthusiasm and commitment of the young athletes has been an inspiration! Well done Team GB!! Now for we move onto the ‘legacy’ of these games.
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