5 Ways You Can Spread Kindness & Help Local Businesses
27th January 2021
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Every-day life and business has changed for everyone. Social distancing and self-isolation are undeniably vital in helping to stem the spread of Covid-19, they also threaten to devastate local businesses. Local businesses, small and large, need our support now more than ever. 

Here’s 5 ways you can spread kindness & help local businesses, that will genuinely help them… 

Leave them a review

One of the best ways to show your support is through word of mouth. Talking about the great service you have experienced or the quality of the products you have received will help businesses gain more new customers, and encourage more people to spread the word.

Leaving a positive review for businesses is a word of mouth recommendation, and it costs nothing.  Share your words of encouragement online, via emails, on Facebook, and tell your friends and family why you love that particular business to show your support. 

Reviews are essential for businesses to show others that their brand is a trusted place to buy from, and they really helps others to make that decision to purchase their product or service.

Like and comment on their posts

Most businesses are on one or more of the social media platforms as this is a great way for them to get found and get noticed. They can share products with their followers, keep you up to date with their latest news and post insights into the behind the scenes goings on.  

Simply by showing your support on social media – liking their posts, adding comments and sharing content – you will be helping businesses to grow and reach new customers. 


Sign up to their newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to stay up to date and connect with businesses. Not only will you be the first to know about any news and offers, but you will be actively showing your supporting for the business. This encouragement will be much appreciated at this time.  Help them grow their email list by signing up and sharing the link, and suggest to others to do so too.

Ask if they deliver or offer telephone appointments 

Many businesses are offering new, flexible ways of working during the lockdown, so that you can continue to shop their products and services through new channels. 

Some businesses are growing their online offering, offer new local free delivery services and accepting phone orders. 

Businesses that offer services are setting up online workshops and streaming live classes, such as Yoga nad Pilates, as well as providing video appointments instead of working from their usual facilities which are temporarily closed. 

Check in with businesses via their website and social media pages to see how you can continue to buy from them, or give them a call. 


Buy a gift voucher

Buying a gift voucher is a great gesture of customer loyalty in these uncertain times. You are immediately putting cash into your favourite shop, salon or restaurant and supporting their continued business. Plus, you’ll have a lovely experience to look forward to once the lockdown period is over. 

You may wish to treat yourself, or send a gift voucher as a thank you to someone you know – a keyworker perhaps? Whoever it is for, gift vouchers are a great way to show business owners how much you appreciate them.

There are so many ways to show your support and solidarity to your local community. Take your pick!

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