Why You Should Write a Will in 2017
8th May 2017
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Loved ones can be protected by having a Will in place stating your wishes regarding your estate, without a Will in place the security of loved ones may be at risk.

Similarly, having arrangements in place enables people to continue giving care at the standard desired.

Adams Harrison Solicitors of Haverhill, are local Professionals who can give advice and legal services regarding Wills, Probate, and Powers of Attorney.

Adams Harrison Solicitors are highly skilled specialists, able to draw-up a Will in accordance with one’s wishes, and if required hold the document in safekeeping and act as Executor to deal with distribution of assets and administer instructions in due course, thereby supporting family and loved ones at a time of distress. They provide expert Legal advice on tax planning, trusts and problems that may result in a Will being challenged after death.

Services provided by the firm include:

Co-habitees and second marriages to protect unmarried or remarried couples where they are at risk in the absence of a will, including looking after the spouse/s and children. Without a Will, there may be no entitlement to any assets etc.

Administration of the Will and distribution of assets.

Powers of Attorney. Making sure that someone will administer your estate in the event of incapacity, through Lasting Powers of Attorney in which you have someone appointed to look after your finances and organise care, pay accounts, sell property etc. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place you have no say over who assists you when you lose capacity, the process of appointing someone to deal with such matters will be lengthy and costly, without a Power of Attorney someone will need to go to the Court of Protection for the power to act on your behalf.

Trusts, Adams Harrison will advise on the formation and administration of trusts, acting with their network of financial advisers, on a wide range of investments, insurance arrangements and pensions for trusts or individuals. Trusts can assist with inheritance tax planning and protect funds for beneficiaries who are perhaps unable to deal with their finances themselves or are having money difficulties.

Adams Harrison Solicitors of Haverhill protect people from intestacy through Professional Advice and Guidance, and they are very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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