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Don't get caught out over the holidays – ensure you know when those discarded gift boxes, wrapping paper and waste are to be collected.
The nights are getting colder and darker, so make sure you remain safe on the roads.
Sorry to spring it on you but there are only ten weeks to go until Christmas but it's not too late to be the belle of the ball
1st October 2012 saw new legislation come into force, which outlaws private companies that clamp often unsuspecting drivers.
43 years ago, Haverhill was put on the map for all the wrong reasons when the BBC broadcast a hypercritical documentary about the town’s expansion and its repercussions. Now the record is being put straight with The Haverhill Man Alive Project.
With record fuel prices hitting businesses across the region, thebestof Haverhill asks: with instant access to social media, teleconferencing and Skype, is a car now integral to a successful business?
Are you dreading the impending Christmas and New Year's Eve parties and trying to fit into that not-so-little black dress or tight tuxedo? From cycling to weight loss groups, we are dedicated to helping you look your very best for the festive season
Haverhill residents are opting to travel to Bury St Edmunds where petrol can be up to 10p per litre cheaper.
Haverhill police have issued a warning to be vigilant when using ATMs in the town after skimming devices have been discovered.
As youth unemployment reaches a record high as 1million 16-24 year olds are out of work, blogger Hannah Stewart asks what is to become of the lost generation.
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