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If you get crafty you can find unique and budget friendly Christmas gifts in Haverhill this festive season.
Golf can be both enjoyable AND affordable, and even more so with Haverhill Golf Club’s offer of FREE sessions for beginners!
Kedington Library offers a number of clubs open to all this new year.
Kedington Film Club Review
Kedington Film Club Review
One member of Kedington Film Club leaves a review for a good film.
What have they been up to in the last year?
From fitness to pampering, explore Haverhill’s opportunities to fill the time you have now the little cherubs are back in education.
Life as a Girlguide
Life as a Girlguide
The Girl Guiding Association was first formed in 1910 especially for girls, and in 2012 was renamed Girlguiding. Today Girlguiding is one of the leading charities for girls and women.
The Arcade Machine Knowledge Exchange & Gaming Event on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July 2014
The increasing popularity of crafting shows no sign of slowing down, a point proven by the success of Haverhill Crafters Co-operative’s first Craft Fair.
Disability Snooker Open Snooker Championships 2013
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