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Let Haverhill's Billson Opticians get your children's vision classroom-ready this term.
I'm unwilling to accept that my holiday is over so I'm going to be recreating my very own Greek feast in Haverhill this summer!
Have faith in the Great British Summer reaching Haverhill in time for National BBQ Week, and be ready and waiting with help from Kedington Butchers.
Chicks, bunnies and chocolate eggs can only mean one thing... Easter is almost here!
Will Aid
Will Aid
Don’t put off making a Will. Take part in Will Aid not only to give yourself peace of mind, but to support nine fantastic charities.
Christmas may be a time of giving but it's much too easy to overspend and end up in financial trouble.
As Haverhill’s youngsters prepare to go back to school there’s a new subject on the curriculum - money matters.
From sausages and burgers to seasonal game, pies and even cakes and biscuits, Kedington Butchers will take care of all of your BBQ food needs.
7 Tips To Help Stay Safe Online
7 Tips To Help Stay Safe Online
There is no doubt that the internet is an amazing resource for young people but, as the recent tragic case of Leicestershire teenager, Hannah Smith, demonstrated, it can also be a place where they can very easily run into trouble....
Half term seems to roll around so quickly - the kids are barely back at school and already they’re off again!
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