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Not writing a Will (intestate), and accessible to those remaining, makes important matters very difficult, settling a loved one’s affairs as they would wish may be impossible. Your preference the style of funeral may be unknown without a Will.
Not every legal scenario that you got involved with needs a solicitor’s presence (such as speeding ticket) but there are legal disagreements that need the attention of legal counsel to avoid making the situation worse than it already is. Yes, it will cost you a few pounds but it can help you avoid larger costsin the future.
New Partner for Adams Harrison
New Partner for Adams Harrison
Adams Harrison Solicitors have welcomed a new partner.
Christmas may be a time of giving but it's much too easy to overspend and end up in financial trouble.
As Haverhill’s youngsters prepare to go back to school there’s a new subject on the curriculum - money matters.
Do you know any young people aged 18-24 who would like to start up their own business but can't get the funding? The new Start-Up loans scheme could be the answer to them realising their dreams.
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