Visit Kedington Butchers in Haverhill and make sure Barbecue Week goes off with a bang(er)
11th May 2015
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So May 25th to 31st is National BBQ Week in the UK – you have to love our optimism! But hey, let’s 'Go for the Grill, whatever the weather' and who knows, we may find ourselves basking in glorious sunshine.

But are you prepared for National Barbecue Week? 

If, like me, you possess a heap of rusting metal in the corner of the garden, one leg hanging off and a nine month old sausage lurking amidst a blackened mess of soggy charcoal, then your first thought may be to invest in a new model.

Gas or charcoal?

Not so long ago gas grills were way out of most people’s budget, with our unpredictable weather making a high value purchase difficult to justify. However, the cost of gas grills has fallen quite dramatically in recent years.

The advantages gas grills have to offer are the speed and ease of use, with temperatures being much more controllable. They come with multi burner grills, rotisserie attachments, hobs, warming plates... you can even get a BBQ with a wok!

Me, I’m a purist. I like my BBQ to be smoky, I like the challenge of getting the coals to light, and heat up evenly over the entire grill, and I love the unmistakeable aroma of a ‘proper’ BBQ on the go. I’ve even experimented with throwing herbs on the coals (set them on fire - clearly did something wrong!) and using smoked woodchips.

A charcoal grill is far easier to light than it once was, with numerous aids available, and you can pick them up cheap as chips (my heap of rusting metal cost £10 last year, so I don’t feel too guilty about its subsequent demise) and they come in a vast range of shapes and sizes catering for sizzling singletons to entire BBQ banquets.

Essential tools

You should have a table within reach of your BBQ, and your table should be equipped with everything you need for perfect BBQ cooking before you lower the first burger onto the bars.

Disasters happen when you find yourself running into the kitchen halfway through cooking time and rummaging through drawers for those tongs you knew were in there somewhere.

You might be used to turning your sausages with a fork in the frying pan, this should be avoided on the BBQ grill, you lose meat juices and risk fat fires when food is pierced. Use long handled tongs which are sturdy and grip food firmly.

Invest in a long-handled basting brush with heat resistant silicone bristles for basting food with sauces and marinades during the cooking process to add flavour and keep moist.

A meat thermometer is a really useful tool when it comes to avoiding poisoning your guests. Obviously if you’re entertaining your boss/mother in law/ex partner it’s use is entirely optional!

Fire extinguisher

Sounds a little OTT but fat fires can become dangerous very quickly, especially on a breezy day. Add to this mix children, large groups and/or alcohol and it is a wise investment to keep one on hand for emergencies.

Aluminum foil and kitchen roll

Protect delicate foods and prevent small items from falling through the grate by wrapping them in foil before putting them on the grill. Wipe up spills and grease with kitchen roll before they attract nasties, and keep sticky hands and faces clean.

Rubbish bin and bowl of cold water

Keep the rubbish bin close to hand to ditch bones, aforesaid foil and kitchen roll and to clear plates into. Any spoiled (burnt!) food going straight from grill to bin should be plunged into the cold water first to make sure there is no risk of setting fire to the bin. It can also be handy should any little fingers stray too close to the grill, or even a too hot sausage.

Long handled wire brush

Scrubbing the worst residue off the wire grill whilst it is still warm will make the full cleaning job much easier when it has cooled.

Food glorious food!

So whether you’ve decided to plump for gas or charcoal, when you’ve got all your essential equipment gathered and have notified family and friends that you will be celebrating National Barbecue Week, all you need is top quality food.

Get it all from Kedington Butchers!

Kedington Butchers of Haverhill is one of the few genuine five star butchers in the Suffolk. Famed for offering the finest, freshest local produce this local company can promise you BBQ excellence and unrivalled quality.

Their massive range of sausages (eleven flavours at the last count, including gluten free!) and delicious homemade burgers including beef burgers, pork and apple burgers, lamb and mint burgers and again a Gluten free option offers variety to your ‘traditional’ BBQ fayre.

Go a little more sophisticated, create your own recipes, or add some kebabs using finest quality Riverside Beef or succulent Dingley Dell pork. Local free range chickens add to the line up, whether you want to spit roast a whole one or serve sauce smothered chicken drumsticks.

And while we have got more adventurous in our BBQ cooking, throwing on fish, vegetables and fruits, still we need look no further than Kedington Butchers for our supplies as they provide all this and more.

The icing on the cake (do they do cake? I think they do cake?) is that whilst you are busy preparing for the BBQ of the century, Kedington Butchers take the hassle out of high quality by delivering, free of charge, to Kedington, Haverhill and surrounding villages.

So what are you waiting for? (good weather, yes, that’s it, you’re waiting for good weather). Well, when it arrives, in time for National BBQ Week you, and Kedington Butchers will be ready!

Please click here for further information about Kedington Butchers.

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