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17th July 2014
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 I have to confess that this week past I haven’t seen much of the bike. There are three issues that have not yet been addressed. Firstly, I am just about over the injury of last week. Just. Second, I am yet to address the problem that caused last week’s injury, the saddle. That evil little strip of faux leather encasing what feels like a broomstick and two large ball bearings. It has to go.  (Aerocycles in Haverhill, you may well be seeing me this week) and issue number three is that my biking buddy, otherwise known as Hubby, has a flat tyre and a broken pump. I have not tested the pump myself, but I may well do so, as I spied in my neighbour’s garage a deluxe electric pump with all the bells and whistles a cyclist could ever need. I think my husband may have pump envy. I think he may be on strike until we can keep up with the Jones’. Then again he might have a slow puncture and I am doing him a disservice.  Perhaps I could just borrow the posh pump?

Anyway, it isn’t as though I have heard that my other relay team mates have been busy training away. No, in fact when I saw them both last week the subject was changed quickly, and it would appear that they are keeping tight lipped. From this I can only deduce that they are either both already at pro level, or they just haven’t started yet and feel worse about their efforts than I do my own. I have a cunning plan though. I have a press release up my sleeve about Haverhill Research Park sponsoring the triathlon, and entering its own team. This press release needs an eye catching image to accompany it and I have just the one in mind. I see my bike propped up against the Haverhill Research Park entrance sign, and the two boys in their appropriate gear. One in trainers, itsy bitsy shorts, and a vest, the other a skimpy pair of Speedo’s and swimming goggles. I hear you ask, where am I? Taking the photo of course. Well if nothing else this will smoke out if they are reading this blog or not!

Whilst I have been in this recovery ‘lull’ I have pondered a few other little snags. The one that affects me most often is nutrition, in particular fuelling for a long ride. I often come home from work and get on the bike but I feel tired and often thirsty very quickly, whereas at the weekend if I ride out an hour or so after a meal, I am full of energy. I have tried having something to eat at work ready for the ride when I get home, but all too often that snack break happens to fall around 3 – 4pm. Cake O’clock. That afternoon dip time when only something sweet and calorific will do. One can and has fooled oneself into thinking that I will burn it off. But knicker elastic doesn’t lie.


 Today I join a slimming group, on a quest for ‘free food’ that I can fuel on pre-ride. Guilt free. Apparently I am not actually eating enough and this has slowed my metabolism and what I am putting in my mouth needs to improve. So eating more is allowed, so long as it is the right sort of food. Fat club sounds promising.  Perhaps I might even loosen the tight grip of the elastic. I hope that it gets me into good nutritional habits that might just help me through this ordeal, I mean triathlon.

 So in order to get back in the saddle again, I need a ‘To do’ list.

  • Go shopping
  • Eat more
  • Chat up next door neighbour

This training malarkey may not turn out to be so bad after all……

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