9th March 2014
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Kate Lawes, a student from Samuel Ward School, today, Monday 10th March, 2014, handed over her winning time capsule to Haverhill Research Park  for burial on site.

The competition judging criteria was based on the creativity and the appropriateness of  Lawes’ ideas on what should go into the time capsule to tell future generations about the life of young people in Haverhill in the early 21st Century.

Lawes  based her five items around the five main senses. The first item was a badge for the Churchill Free School, a school that provides special needs education for children with language and interaction problems, autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome. The badge is linked to the sense of “touch” because it is a tangible object that shows that Haverhill is developing and willing to lend a “helping hand” to people in need.

Her second item was a sheet of music with a page from the leaflet of the Haverhill Arts Centre and is linked to “sound” because of the regular concerts, musicals, and films held there.

The third item that Lawes used was a glow stick with a tag attached to it, which had a picture of the fireworks at the Recreation Ground in order to represent “Great Big Christmas Weekend” and the Firework Display; this item represents “sight” because the entire display is large and colourful.

The fourth item that Lawes used for the time capsule is a pressed/dried flower along with a picture of the High Street, which has planters lined up and is full of flowers. This item represents the sense of “smell”. The last item that she used for the competition was an empty tin of beans, which had a picture of the Haverhill Foodbank, which represents the sense of “taste”.

Helen Chaplin, a member of Haverhill Research Park’s marketing team said, “Today is a special one for Kate and we are delighted that as the winner she came up with such a creative methodology for the items she has put in the time capsule which are very interesting. Should the capsule be dug up sometime in the future it will provide a fascinating piece of archaeology for future mankind to discover what life was like for a young person living in Haverhill in the 21st Century. It is also a milestone for the park as preparations for full-scale marketing of the park in 2014 gather pace,” added Chaplin.

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