Planning a BBQ Party? Kedington Butchers of Haverhill will bring delicious quality meats to your door, while you plan the perfect gathering
2nd June 2014
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British barbecues are, on the whole, impromptu affairs. You wake up, the sky is clear…the sky stays clear, the sun comes out, it’s still out at lunchtime… ok BBQ it is then. Call a few friends, a frantic dash round the supermarket full of like minded souls, all battling over burgers and squabbling over sausages and discovering the last bread roll was snapped up hours ago.

OK, to a degree that is half the fun of it. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper BBQ party, for a summer birthday or anniversary, arranged in advance with invitations sent and food all fresh, ready and waiting and your garden prepared for every eventuality?

Believe it or not, it is possible!

Cleaning up your outdoor living space, making sure it's safe, providing patio furniture, a grill, decorations, outdoor lighting, music and good friends are all potential ingredients for a great time. It’s all in the planning.

Barbecue rules

If using a charcoal BBQ make sure you have a good stock of coals, safe firelighters and enough grilling surface. It’s wise to buy or borrow a ‘back up BBQ’ to make sure you don’t run out of space or cooking time on just the one.

Give the chef a sturdy surface on one side of the grill, for food waiting to be cooked (keeping all raw meats separate in foil trays) and a similar set up on the other for cooked food which can then be taken to the main table.

Buffet style makes life easier

If you set up your food and drinks in buffet style it means everyone can help themselves and you won’t have to spend lots of time serving everyone one by one. Keep drinks simple, beer, wine and a soft option, ideally in ice filled drinks tubs. Galvanised metal tubs start at around £20 but you can buy plastic ones for less than £10, and they’re well worth the investment as you will find other uses for them!


Hang bunting and fairy lights on trees, fences and parasols and if you think the party may go on well into the evening consider a firepit or chimanea for when the temperature drops.


Party music is simple to arrange these days, simply download to your phone, laptop or ipod and connect to speakers and you’re good to go! You can tailor your playlist to your guests, with sections from different decades, a few classic party tunes and a spot of easy listening, winding down music for when you want people to go home!


OK, now the difficult bit… what if the weather lets you down? Forward planning, that’s all it takes. You could prepare a room or two inside for you to move the party to if the heavens open. However, although the rain may fall, even in the great British summer we can expect the temperatures to be warm enough to stay outside and weather the occasional shower!

Easy assemble or pop up gazebos can be bought for anything from under £10 to several hundred pounds! Most open sided gazebo’s are safe to cook under if you take suitable precautions (and never leave unattended) but check manufacturer’s guidelines. If space (and available furniture!) permits you could have your undercover outdoor area ready prepared, otherwise, have a plan of action and everything close to hand for if the storm clouds gather.


Obviously, the most important aspect of any BBQ party is the food. You want it good and fresh but you don’t want to be spending the morning of your party running round trying to get decent, quality stuff at a reasonable price… not when you’ve got bunting to hang!

Well hello Kedington Butchers! Haverhill’s premier butchers only offer a delivery service…jackpot! And the quality and variety of BBQ fare they have on offer is something the big supermarkets cannot match, and with weekly price checks to ensure they stay competitive with the supermarkets, this is Buy Local at its best.

Looking for locally sourced beef, pork, lamb and poultry? That's just what you'll get at Kedington Butchers in Haverhill. More than ten varieties of succulent sausages, including gluten free, and alongside the highest quality traditional beef burgers sit delights such as pork and apple or lamb and mint burgers.

Add to this a selection of game, fish, fresh local vegetables, fruit and salad, preserves, cheeses, cold meats, pies, and even cakes and biscuits and it’s clear that Kedington Butchers practically have your entire BBQ covered.

Just call in, or even telephone with your order and Kedington Butchers will deliver to your door in Haverhill and local villages.

Simply click here for more information about Kedington Butchers in Haverhill.

Here comes the sun, so let’s make the most of it!

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