Photo Art by David Doughty
21st July 2011
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Would you like an original and creative piece of photo art that captures your beauty? Do you love fairytales and fantasy films? You could now be in front of the camera as your favourite heroine to have a beautiful picture to place in your home.

David Doughty @ The Gallery is offering a completely new, unique and individual photo shoot captured in an ethereal style.

A dreamlike background is digitally altered and re-mastered by David Doughty himself- meaning that you are guaranteed to stand out. Using dramatic juxtapositions of colours and lighting, the pictures have a dreamy quality.

Using backgrounds such as the River Cam, forests, Cambridge Universities and other beautiful architecture- the result is a striking and innovative photo shoot.

In an age where fantasy genres films such as Twilight, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are highly popular- you too could feature in your very own version!

These pictures are perfect for:

·         A gift or birthday present for a loved one

·         For those who have bought a prom dress recently and want to get more wear out of it.

·         Those who love fairytales

·         For anyone who wishes to be styled in an ethereal and dreamy way

Once the shoot has been done and David works his magic, you can take home a framed photo to display proudly!

For more information, call David Doughty on 01440 712333

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