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5th April 2011
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At the March meeting of ‘thebestofhaverhill’ at the Days Inn Haverhill Nic Rumsey, Director of Carisbrooke Investments presented the outcome of the public consultation on the Haverhill Research Park and outlined the next steps for the project.

Nic described the plans for the Haverhill Research Park as a “gateway to the town” with hopes for modern and superior architecture to make an assertive statement to represent the entrepreneurial spirit of Haverhill. The development plans highlighted focal landmark buildings with connection paths for pedestrians and cyclists as well as a water feature design and an entrance plaza.

The results of the public consultation were presented and explained. Over 100 people had attended the public exhibition at Days Inn Haverhill during the 8 days that it was available to view.  There had been 64 individual responses to the proposals, some of which were from organisations representing groups of people. A petition opposing the plans from residents of Hanchett End Village had been signed by 49 individuals.  The main concern of these residents was about the suitability of the site, the buffer zone between the existing residential area and the proposed development and the cycle path, which they feared might be used inappropriately by youths.

Overall it was felt that the Masterplan for the Haverhill Research Park had been well thought through and well presented.  Some respondents felt that the proposed development is in the wrong location and there were concerns expressed over traffic ingress and egress onto the A1307.  The need for executive housing in Haverhill was again expressed and the site was deemed to be suitable for this type of use.


Following the consultation Carisbrooke Investments has responded to concerns about the footpath and amended their plans and also increased the buffer zone between the existing residential area and the proposed Haverhill Research Park.

Nic commented, “This plan is an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development, it really highlights the direction where the town wants to head.”

He added: “The Haverhill Research Park will contribute economically to Haverhill, creating jobs and business. Our ambition is for this to be a joint public and private partnership.”

The revised Masterplan will be presented for agreement of the Full Council on 5th April 2011.  If the plans are accepted and outline planning application is approved in 2011 it is anticipated that the first occupants of the Haverhill Research Park could be in situ by spring 2013.


Nic’s presentation to an audience of local businesses and organisations was well received. The feedback from the event was that the local business community was excited at the opportunities that the project could bring to the town, both in terms of potential employment and raising the profile of Haverhill.


Personally I cannot wait for this vision to become a reality.  Nic is a strong supporter of Haverhill; Carisbrooke Investments has recently agreed to be the headline sponsor for the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2011.  As far as I am concerned actions speak louder than words.  Here is a developer who flies the flag for Haverhill, Nic has battled long and hard for this development to go ahead and I think the people and businesses of the town should support him wholeheartedly.


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