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21st May 2012
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A detailed archaeological investigation has begun on the Haverhill Research Park site, with the works this Summer set to reveal more about the early history of the area before the site is redeveloped.

The investigation has been commissioned by developer Carisbrooke Investments, which has already undertaken trial-trenching in co-operation with the local planning authority. The initial works identified prehistoric and Roman remains on the site, which could provide an interesting insight into the lives of people living in the Haverhill area over 2,000 years ago.
Nic Rumsey, director of Carisbrooke Developments said:  “Whilst we are working to promote the future economic growth of Haverhill, we are, of course, keen to participate in discovering the archaeological history of this important gateway site. We hope that these works will extend our knowledge of human history well beyond the limits of existing written records.”
Joe Abrams, Regional Manager, of Headland Archaeology, which is carrying out the investigation, commented: “This is a welcome opportunity to reveal and investigate the remains of both prehistoric and Roman farming communities. 
“Our research focus will be sensitive to the exact remains revealed at the site, and is expected to include the changes which took place as a result of the Roman Conquest and also those which came with the disintegration of that empire and the economy which survived within it.
“We believe the remains at Haverhill span both of these crucial periods , allowing us to tell the story of a Suffolk farming community on a local level and to reflect on how these major  events affected their way of life, ” concluded Abrams.
Following completion of the on-site investigations in July, the archaeological team will prepare a detailed analysis of the samples (seeds, insects and other microscopic remains), which is due to be published in 2013. 
 As the Research Park assists Haverhill’s move to a more prosperous future, the findings could provide a fascinating insight into the towns ancient origins. It’s a perfect example of how development can work with archaeology to reveal and distribute new knowledge on our collective past, which would otherwise not have come to light.
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