Haverhill Research Park cameo role in Have I Got News For You!
24th November 2012
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The developer of the Haverhill Research Park, Nic Rumsey, was surprised to find that the Park featured in a recent episode of the popular BBC 1 TV satire programme Have I Got News for You.

The guest presenter for the evening, Homeland celebrity, Damian Lewis, showed a clip of Secretary of State Eric Pickles commenting on Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, being on I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here. In the clip Mr Pickles commented that he would keep on voting for her to keep her on the show.

The backdrop to his comment was an exhibition board of Haverhill Research Park. Mr Pickles visited the site earlier in the month to see the project which has been awarded £4 million by the New Anglia and Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnerships from the £770 million Growing Places Fund.

Nic was alerted to the unexpected publicity by various friends, family and colleagues who had been enjoying a Friday evening’s entertainment in front of the TV when on their screens appeared the very recognisable Eric Pickles in front of the exhibition board being questioned about the his fellow Tory MP.

It was clearly the work of a quick witted journalist who was ostensibly interviewing Mr Pickles about the LEP funding for the Park but got in a cheeky question regarding his views on Dorries – that age old trick of all journalists who are presented with interviewing senior politicians and want to make their name by asking the questions that people really want to hear the answer to!

Nic’s view on the matter was very simply that "all publicity is good publicity”.

Ms Dorries was the first candidate to be evicted from the jungle.

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