Dear Parents and Grandparents
16th November 2015
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Dear Parents and Grandparents,

This article is addressed to you as the parent or grandparent.

Children can inherit eye conditions that do not become apparent until it is too late.

Professor Brian Holden told us in a recent lecture that still too many children are slipping through the net. He told us that he felt the only way to stop this happening was to get EVERY child's eyes checked BY AN OPTICIAN before they start school, or at least, in the first year of school.

The sad thing is, that although the Eye Check is totally funded by the N.H.S. large numbers of children are still not being checked and have developed a "lazy" eye which will be with them for the rest of their lives.

So, the challenge is to ask you to make sure your child's eyes are fine. An eye examination doesn't hurt, it takes 20 to 25 minutes, and it doesn't cost anything. What you probably don't know is that your child's eyes visual pathways are fixed/set by the age of SEVEN (7). Yes 7. If we see a problem at age 4 we have 3 years to fix it. At age 6, only 1 year at best. So if your child is 10 years old at the first test and is found to have a "lazy" eye, then that eye will be "lazy" for ever.

So, I don't want to worry you but for the sake of a 25 minute eye check, what have you got to lose? Nothing! Don’t put your child's eye health at risk.

Phone 01440 714441, or call into your local Opticians NOW before you forget.

I.S Billson F.B.D.O.

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