At last! BBQ weather is here! But don't join the supermarket scrum - head to Kedington Butchers for quality fresh local produce
2nd May 2013
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Well we've waited long enough so it's hardly surprising that there is a buzz in the air as we approach a Bank Holiday weekend that offers sunshine and blue skies.  And as is practically the law in this country, the first warm holiday weekend demands that the BBQ will be fired up (it may be the only chance we get!)

First things first, give the garden a quick once over asap.  Mow the lawns and clean up the patio furniture (or buy new vinyl tablecloths).  Decide whether it's going to be a small intimate affair or a big bash and plan accordingly.  Invites are so much quicker and easier these days, thanks to Facebook, Twitter etc (make sure you don't inadvertently invite your entire friends list though!)

Head into town and stock up on paper plates, napkins, garden torches and citronella candles.  If you really want to make things easy for yourself get plastic cutlery and foil serving trays, and a good stock of bin bags.

Now we get to the good bit... the food.  And this is where life is really made easy for you with the areas favourite local butcher, Kedington Butchers.  Everything you could possibly want for your best ever BBQ is right there.  Choose from chicken thighs or breasts, pork or lamb, steaks or chops or try some meaty ribs or lamb niblets (thats the juicy bit at the end of the chops!).  Then decide on your flavours, Lemon and Parsley; Smokey BBQ; Chinese, Tikka, Hot & Spicy, Sweet Chilli and Lime, Moroccan, Kofta...

Kedington Butchers marinate the meat for 24 hours before packaging it, and with all produce sourced from across the local area, you won't find anything fresher.  And their BBQ packs represent amazing value for money!  Step aside big supermarkets as Kedington's meat packs are just 2 for £5, and large packs of chicken breasts, pork or lamb are just £10.

Then of course there are the legendary sausages and burgers, all made on the premises and all using locally supplied produce.  The good old sausage is an absolute must at every BBQ, but why not be a little bit experimental as well? How about venison sausages, Sweet chilli for the spice lovers, Red Leicester and shallot or caramelised onion sausages?  These and many more flavours are available; you'll find a full list on the Haverhill butcher's website.  They also offer gluten free sausages so nobody needs to be left out.

Similarly they make the juiciest plain burgers you have ever tasted (nothing dodgy in these bad boys!), but can also tickle your tastebuds with pork and apple or lamb and mint burgers. 

If you want to get experimental and look like one of those TV chefs, why not try barbecuing some fish for a change, or have some ice cream ready to accompany barbecued bananas, peaches or pineapple... all very simple to do and absolutely delicious. 

Keep side dishes simple; you don't want to be worked to exhaustion before or during the event.  Chop up some vegetable crudites in advance and serve with dips, have a stack of potatoes baking in the oven, and a big bowl of crisp, fresh salad with a variety of dressings.  Kedington Butchers sell high quality fresh fruit and vegetables, delivered fresh daily.

The deli counter offers a range of handmade savoury pies which are perfect for the very youngest guests who may not be quite ready for full on BBQ food, or for those guests who arrive early, starving and impatient to tuck in (there's always one, normally empty handed!)

And to make life even easier for you, Kedington Butchers will deliver right to your door absolutely free of charge!  And whether your bash is a big one or a little one, or if you need some help, Kedington Butchers offer catering for parties and events.

It's only fair to ask your guests to contribute to the drinks supply, but don't rely on them entirely.  Get some beer and wine in, maybe put together a refreshing summer punch (avoid those enticing lethal recipes and go for something light) and make sure you have plenty of ice, and glasses.  Get the kids to sort a great playlist on the iPod and get ready to enjoy the first, and probably best, BBQ of the season!

Please call Kedington Butchers on 01440 869 239 to order your BBQ food. And don't forget to mention thebestof Haverhill!

(If it rains, please don't blame us... blame Acuweather and BBC weather forecast!)

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