The Importance of Making a Will and What Happens if one Dies Without?
26th June 2017
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Making a Will is not just a formality to be taken lightly, or worse still avoided altogether. Put simply, having a Will in place allows people to know what to do following your death. Your family will need to know what kind of funeral you want and how to pay for it, what happens to the assets that you own including any special arrangements to leave specific items to particular family members or friends. Any accumulated property, money and assets that are owned at the time of one's death must be dealt with lawfully but if there isn’t a Will in place, or one cannot be found, it can cause problems!

Making a Will is a duty and a means of ensuring that one's family and property disposal are taken proper care of in the way that you would wish. A Will is a legally recognised document that is a statement about what should happen after death, how the family home is to be paid for and who will have ownership, it allows for the provision of children's care and upkeep, and deals with trusts that may be in place.

People that are co-habiting i.e. not married are not necessarily recognised in law, this means that they may have no claim to property or wealth, which again, could be an issue.

So, what is intestacy?

It is when a person dies without leaving a valid Will. Their estate must be shared out as per the rules of intestacy. A person who dies without leaving a Will ‘dies intestate’. Only married or civil partners and some other close relatives can inherit under the rules of intestacy.

Every adult is recommended to make a Will, especially people with a family and other dependents. Because Wills are such an important document it is wise to seek the advice of legal professionals.

Percy Walker Solicitors are our local Wills, and Probate specialists. They offer a professional service to people wishing to take this important step to ensure that it is completed correctly and appropriately written and in due course of time actioned. Their advice is the most cost effective of investments and will enable one to relax in the certain knowledge that proper provision for family, friends and those who are cared for are in safe hands.

Additionally, Percy Walker will advise about who should be an executor of the Will; one can nominate anyone but a solicitor knows the ropes better than most and can save a lot of time and reduce the anxiety caused at such a sad time to those affected by your loss. People are recommended to include a solicitor as one of the executors, and for a copy of the Will to be retained on their files so that it is accessible when needed.

I’ve completed my Will through Percy Walker & Co. and am glad I did! If it’s one of those things that you’ve been meaning to do for a while and haven’t quite got ‘around to it’, here’s a tip: give Aileen at Percy Walker a call on 01424 721234 and tell her that I suggested that you had a chat! 

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