The Drivewear Lens
6th July 2018
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I've been selling a lot of these lenses - why? For the first time, we have available a Polarised Photochromatic Lens that ‘works’ behind a car windscreen.

Normally, Photochromatic lenses respond to Ultra Violet light intensity. Car windscreens contain UV Blocking agents, so ‘normal’ photochromic won’t work. The challenge was to find out how to activate molecules using lower energy visible light, not just high energy UV light.

The Drivewear Lens offers High Contrast Green / Yellow in Colour for Overcast Low Light conditions, a comfortable Copper colour in Daylight Driving conditions and a Dark Brown colour for Bright Light outside - and Polarised, all in the one lens. Polarisation removes blinding glare that interferes with good visibility.

Customers report very favourably on using this lens, I wear it myself.

For more information please get in touch. 

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