Introducing..... Colin Ford!
24th August 2018
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Having begun his journey into the varied and exciting world of Archery in 1972, Colin has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. So, we are pleased to announce that he has joined our team at 1066 Target Sports!

Colin currently shoots with the Bayeux Bowmen and the Senlac Field Bowmen, he enjoys shooting a variety of Bows, such as Compounds, Horsebows, Longbows and the American Flat Bow, is a National Field Archery Society Coach and is a fully qualified Level 2 Archery GB Coach!  Clearly, Colin is a Gentleman used to staying busy!

His passion for Archery has provided him with the skills required to maintain and repair Bows, working on Compound and Recurve bows, offering support and assistance in all forms of troubleshooting, ranging from simple reserving services to limb alignment.

He has also been creating arrows for over six years, ranging from the more basic and traditional feather fletched, wooden arrows, to the more modern and advance Platinum Plus & Carbon Arrows, using both Wraps and Spin Wings within his technique! He is also able to provide consistent arrow weights, ensuring the best and most comfortable experience for those of us who enjoy firing an arrow or two!

Colin, whose motto is “The Personal Touch” loves to go above and beyond, providing a professional, friendly, respectful service which is so often overlooked! With over 12 years of experience running courses and providing training, you are sure to learn a thing or two from this veteran of the sport!

So, whether you are a beginner, dipping your toes into this much loved sport and require some training or support, or a seasoned veteran, looking for some extra advice or to compare techniques & trick shots, stop by, drop in and say hello to Colin, who will be providing repairs, servicing and expert advice in the Archery Workshop, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1pm 8pm.

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