How do you get rid of your neighbours?
30th March 2016
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The Daniel Rimmel Online Estate Agent 'For Sale' board planted in his front garden was a bit of a shock.  He had made up his mind. He was going to move from Hastings to Battle. No more huge white Audi straddled across the pavement because he had the shortest drive in the world. I called it the 'Iceberg' (the Audi, not the drive).

No more spontaneous visits with his wife & daughter across our/their front lawn. I don't need to refill the ice cube maker half as much now. Our unwritten turn based agreement to mow said lawn. Finished. Sigh. I miss my neighbour.

What makes it worse that he saved money because of me. That blooming discount card I created. My neighbour saved £268 on the Estate Agents fees. I gave him the Card as well. We are still friends. Just not neighbours anymore. 

Anyway, the house was sold in less than two weeks. The new neighbours are lovely. Their little white Fiat fits on the drive. I call it the 'Lettuce'!

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