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Top tips to create a great business plan
Top tips to create a great business plan
  • Posted by Simon Marshall | 9th November 2021 | ... Comments
You’ve tried planning ahead only to be upended due to unexpected circumstances. If you can’t rely on a plan to help you chart a course, why should you do it? Why waste the time? View post
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Elevate Your Pitch
Elevate Your Pitch
5 Steps to Pitch Perfection: A template for networking introductions
It's vital to make it clear what folks stand to lose by NOT working with you, if you want to win their business!
Great copy is all about telling great stories. So if you want to sell your products or services, you better tell a story that makes your client the hero, and helps them win the day!
Roofing problems can be costly, here are some common roofing problems that can lead to lead to serious problems if not identified and fixed early.
If your property needs re-wiring, make sure you use qualified, trusted electricians in Hastings.
🤷‍♂‍“Half my advertising works and half doesn’t, but I just don’t know which is which”- John Wanamaker 🤷‍♂‍
Rebecca Conroy has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and Principal of East Sussex College
👀 We’ve seen again and again one phenomenon that separates the hugely successful from every other small business.
👍 Things couldn’t be much simpler for this week’s tip. 👍
Top Tip Tuesday
Top Tip Tuesday
Top Tip Tuesday #48 – Scepticism in Your Marketing
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