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1st June 2020
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I was recently approached by a client who asked if I could restore an old photograph that was in poor shape with rips and creases but had huge sentimental value.

I was honest and replied I actually had no idea… I’d never done this before and said I would try … I had to have the actual photograph in my hand to take a good photo of it ( in order to have a digital version to work on – we’re not talking physical restoration here which is a whole other specialty). So my client dropped it off at my house and I got to work.

It was intensive 3 hours of work ( I had to remind myself to blink!!)  – sometime replacing areas a single pixel  at a time, but I was really pleased with the result  and so was my thrilled client.  He now has a brand new print and digital jpg as a backup… Happy Days.

As a guide I charged £25 per hour of work for this if anyone is interested in having their own damaged photograph restored,  a quote would be provided in advance, after seeing the condition of the photo to be restored.  

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