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Whitedove Ceremonies Ltd can conduct beautiful local ceremonies in a wide range of locations around Guernsey for weddings & legal marriages, affirmations, renewals, baby namings, family tree celebrations, funerals and memorial ceremonies.

Whitedove Ceremonies Ltd specialises in creating bespoke personalised ceremonies for all of the important occasions in your life. We can do traditional and formal, or we can do very casual, themed or personalised humanist ceremonies.

Whether the occasion is a joining in love, a new arrival in the family, or the departure of a loved one, we can help you to make the day memorable and significant.

Legal Marriages

Our civil celebrants can help create the perfect ceremony to celebrate your wedding day, that will reflect your personalities and honour your personal love story in a way that everyone present will remember.

We will work with you, guided by your wishes, to ensure that every element of the ceremony holds real meaning for those present and reflect the unique individuals you are, so that all of your family and friends will remember this day forever.

Affirmations & Renewals

If a legal joining is not necessary or important to you, we can provide a bespoke ceremony that will celebrate and affirm your love. We can also assist you in renewing your commitments and vows to each other in front of your loved ones.

An affirmation may also be used as an informal ceremony after a legal wedding to add that extra special emotional touch without the stiff formality of a more traditional service.

Namings & Welcomings

Whether a birth, an adoption or a merging of families we can create a ceremony to help you welcome new additions to your life, whether they are babies or older children.

We can also create a celebration of your family tree that will honour the bonds between the many generations of your family, or to mark a specific event of great importance to your whole family.

Funerals & Memorials

When there is a departure of a loved one from this mortal coil it can be very difficult to find the right words to express what that person meant to everyone present at the service to remember them.

We can help you to find those words and create a ceremony that will memorialise and wish a fond farewell to your departed loved one, whether at their funeral, or an ash scattering, or a later memorial.

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In July 2022
Ali and Jez said

Thank you so much for helping make our day so special. Tom was lovely and put us at ease (and kept my emotions under control).