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Aey's Relaxing Massage is the place to go in Guernsey if you are looking for a traditional Thai massage or a stress relieving Thai oil massage.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you tense or anxious, finding it hard to relax? Do you want to improve the flexibility of your joints or boost your circulation? Aey's Relaxing Massage here in Guernsey can help.


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Aey's premises in Vauvert, in the heart of St Peter Port, Guernsey, should prove convenient to those with stressful jobs in the centre of Town who could benefit most from her skills. 

Even in Guernsey the tensions of modern living can accumulate, making it hard to relax, affecting your sleep and wellbeing. Aey's Relaxing Massage can help you relax and cast off all of your stress, as Aey massages tension from your joints, allowing you to achieve a more balanced state of body and mind.

What is Thai traditional massage?

Thai traditional massage is an ancient technique influenced by yoga and the traditional medicine systems of Southeast Asia, India and China.

This holistic system of manipulation and massage is formally known as nuat thai (Thai massage). In Thailand it is more commonly referred to as nuat phaen boran (ancient-style massage) or nuat phaen thai (Thai-style massage).

Thanks to Aey's Relaxing Massage this beneficial time-honoured technique is now available locally here in Guernsey!

 Aey can massage your tension away

What Aey's Thai massage offers

Aey is a qualified Thai masseuse, fully trained in the practice of Thai traditional massage. She can offer her Guernsey clients either of two styles of Thai massage:

  • Thai Traditional Massage is a more physical treatment deep into your tissues which promotes engagement and energizes you to help balance body and mind.
  • Thai Oil Massage simply relaxes you with a less physical massage using aromatic oils, designed to help you to release all of your stress.

What happens in Thai traditional massage

After changing into comfortable loose clothing you will lie down on a firm floor mattress and may be repositioned into various yoga-like positions as needed.

Aey will lean on your body with either her hands or straight forearms locked at the elbow. She then applies deep static and rhythmic pressure, following designated lines in the body known as 'sen' pathways through which the body's energies are thought to flow. Sometimes Aey will use her legs and feet to hold a limb in place that she is massaging with her hands; at other times Aey will use her hands to hold a limb then carry out the massaging action with her feet.

A full Thai massage session typically lasts 60-90 minutes, or longer if required. This will include rhythmic pressing and stretching of each joint in the entire body, which can include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles, walking on the recipient's back, and manipulating the recipient's body into different positions. There is a standard procedure and rhythm to each massage session, which Aey can adjust to fit the individual requirements of each client.

Benefits of Thai traditional massage

  • Relief from ailments such as asthma, migraines, sprains, bruises and anxiety.
  • Relief of physical and emotional tension.
  • Can aid in  more restful sleep.
  • Improved flexibility in joints and muscles.
  • Release blocked energy, promoting greater awareness and focus of the body and mind.

What happens in Thai oil massage

During a Thai Oil Massage Aey uses her hands to stimulate the skin and surface tissues of your body with aromatic oils. This process is a wonderful way to shed stress and relieve tension.

Aey mixes base oils with scented essential oils to produce her own aromatic oils that will help to provide maximum relaxation for both body and soul. She lightly warms the oils before gently massaging away your stresses and strains.

While Thai oil massage is primarily intended for relaxation, this practice also improves blood circulation which may help to promote rejuvenation and better health. An effective full body massage works all of your muscles, tissues and joints which can also improve athletic performance and ease certain joint movements.

Benefits of Thai oil massage

  • Relaxation, granting time to release the negative thoughts and feelings causing stress so that you can regain emotional and spiritual balance.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Improves blood circulation, decreasing blood pressure, which can promote healing.
  • Increases and maintains joint flexibility.
  • Can help to prevent injuries, just like a warm-up before sporting activity.

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